The Savvy Communicator: New Video Integration

  • 90% of all info transmitted to your brain is visual. 
  • Your brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • A one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

If made right, videos can make your message easy to interpret in a short amount of time. Not only do videos grab people’s attention, they keep people engaged…in fact, videos are one of the most engaging mediums you can use.

Studies have shown that people retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% of text. And, people can recall 80% of videos they've watched in the past month.

Amazing, right.

We know video is a powerful tool for any great habit program. That is why the team at justcoach have built a brand new video update to power not just YouTube, but YouTube Live and Vimeo.

Opening the door to a whole new sense of freedom with your justcoach programming, whether thats fitness, wellness, habit or life coaching, video will help you communicate better.

You already know about YouTube, so here are the two new additions to add to your video arsenal.

1) The Power of Vimeo

While YouTube is great for marketing videos, it lets you down with the sheer amount of ad’s pushed to your customers. Not great if you’re offering video as part of a paid program.

Luckily, Vimeo offers you complete control over your videos, with zero advertising!

Here are just a few awesome benefits of Vimeo:

  • Replace video, but keep the same URL
  • Password protection
  • Domain-restricted embeds
  • Web player branding
  • Advanced analytics
  • Make money with pay-per-view
  • Plus, Pro, Business, Premium plans

How to Get Started:

Simply copy your Vimeo share link, and paste that link into the new VIDEO content block in your justcoach module.

2) Go Live With YouTube

Do you run live workouts?
Live cooking demos?
Ever thought of selling a program with a live feed?

Now you can!

We are very excited by our integration with YouTube Live. We are interested in how you can use this awesome feature. The more feedback we get from you, the better we can make this. For example, we are currently exploring chat features to help you engage your audience while you are live.

How to Get Started:

Once you have your YouTube Live stream configured and scheduled, copy the embed / share link and paste it to the VIDEO block within your justcoach program. Simple, right?!

This is just the start for live video in justcoach; enjoy!

Let us Know What You Think!

Are you a Vimeo fan? Fancy trying a YouTube Live? We love hearing feedback and your suggestions, so please drop a comment in our Facebook Group or reach out directly.

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