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Justcoach is the leading-edge coaching platform designed to help your clients create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes, that last a lifetime.

The Future of Coaching Starts Here

The health, fitness and wellness coaching landscape has just radically transformed. People finally see the importance of their health, well-being and longevity. We should therefore be focusing on guiding clients with sustainable lifestyle changes by incorporating evidence-based holistic practices. 

Justcoach helps you do this by providing you with all the tools you need to help clients develop the habits of eating well, exercising, mindfulness, self-compassion and general well-being. 

Your complete all-in-one coaching toolbox

You now have the opportunity to take your coaching business to the next level and access the tools and strategies of the future. Justcoach can be your entire online coaching system or just a powerful side kick to level up your existing services.

Proven Signature Coaching System

A great way to leverage your expertise and build your business is to create a signature system and a program for coaching it to your clients. Save hours of research and creation time by using our done-for-you signature coaching system.

Effortless Group Coaching 

Group coaching is a proven way to expand your reach and help more people while you raise awareness about your business and earn more. Justcoach has all the group coaching tools you need to leverage your time and results. 

High Converting Challenges

Challenges are an effective way to get amazing client results and prime people to be ready to buy from you. With justcoach, you can have unlimited automated challenges running with just a couple of clicks. Gain new clients on auto-pilot.

Take Your Business Online

We don't just train you on how to coach and create transformations - but to also create clients, build packages and sell with love using the internet. So you don't just share your knowledge with a few but you impact hundreds even thousands. 

"The done-for-you programs are a life saver"

I can quickly assign personalised programs that suit my clients needs, I just mix and match between nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. 

Milos Blagojevic

Beta tester

"Finally my clients stick to the program"

With the built-in client consultations, programs, resources and accountability tools, my clients finally stick to the program long-term.

Ryan Galbraith

Beta tester

"Marketing my business now feels easy"

I ran a free challenge on the app for my tribe. They were so impressed, half of them asked to remain on the program and pay for my coaching.

Mireia Gomez

Beta tester

Coaching software with all the time-saving tools you need to create amazing transformations

Access the resources you need to help clients develop the habits of eating well, exercising, mindfulness, self-compassion and general well-being.  

Done-for-you Signature Coaching Programs

Transform your coaching practice using our proven strategies and methodologies - so that you can create more profound transformations for all of your clients. Our tried and tested programs break down habit change in practical, accessible ways to guarantee clients create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes, that last forever.

Delicious Healthy Recipes & Meal Plans

At justcoach we believe nutrition is the foundation to incredible transformations. That's why we've included hundreds of nutritious, quick to prepare meals that can be matched to clients goals, so that they fuel their body with the right foods at the right time. Creating beautiful meals plans has never been this easy with our done-for-you high protein, low carb and plant based templates.

Done-for-you Resources 

Our resources will do all of the heavy lifting for you with no customisation required. From built in calculators and trackers, you'll be able to effortlessly obtain and store vital client data and statistics. 

Full Client Management System

Get to know your clients, one person at a time. Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and see up-to-date client progress, using our built in reports and graphs to ensure a great experience for coach and client. 

1-1 & Group Real Time Messaging

Talk with clients all in one place, so nothing slips through the cracks. Communicate in private with clients or in a group chat to create more of a community and accountability vibe. It's just you and your clients, happily ever after. 

Exercise Workouts

Justcoach gives you the power to build workout, exercise or movement practices your clients will love! Or save even more time by using our ready made HIIT, bodyweight, yoga or strength training programs designed by world class trainers. 

Native iOS and Android Apps

Your client can enjoy the experience directly from their mobile phones. They are just one click away from their programs and support line with our native apps. They will deliver your coaching in a clear & actionable way, so that you keep clients on track and motivated. Free to all of your clients.

Justcoach goes even further...

Bonus 1: Instant access to all future updates

We want you to grow with us. As a member you’ll get instant access to all of our future features, keeping you at the forefront of the most important transformative coaching tools.

Bonus 2: Instant access to all future content and programs

As a member you'll also receive instant access to all of our future programs and content. We already have big plans for new material and our resources never stop growing!

Bonus 3: Knowledge base and unlimited support

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base is like a searchable instruction manual, with tutorials on everything you'll ever need to know to use justcoach. If you ever get stuck, you just have to send us a message and we'll get you unstuck. 

Bonus 4: Business trainings & supportive community

Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of ambitious coaches and experts who are there to support each other. Plus, we run 100% value based webinars designed to help you get the most out of the justcoach tools in your business.

Justcoach is your client's big instruction book for navigating this new world

Our done-for-you signature coaching programs makes amazing transformations feel natural and effortless by focusing on one change at a time. We introduce new ideas. We hold space. We give birth to better transformations.

The Mindfulness Meditation Program
The Reduce Your Stress Program
The Power of Sleep Program
The Eat Real food Program
The Hydrate Like An Athlete Program
The Bullet Proof Gut Program
The Maxing Your Micros Program
The Stop Snacking Program

Instant access to these programs plus many more

Lock in your Lowest Price - Keep Your Membership and the Price Will Never go Up

We're ambitious and we develop at a faster pace than anyone in this industry. 

You think the justcoach features and resources are impressive now? Imagine what it will look like a year from now. Or two years from now.

As our tools improve and as we add more features to the justcoach software, the membership price will inevitably go up. 

But here's the real kicker:

Once you're locked in as a member, the price never increases for YOU. It only increases for new visitors who've not yet signed up.

Become a member now and in the not too distant future, you'll find yourself using an advanced coaching tool for a fraction of the price others are paying for it!

Pricing Plan


Recurring monthly payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Start your trial and enjoy 30 days free with 100 clients and all add-ons.


  • All member features
  • All future updates 
  • Unlimited support
  • Locked in monthly price
  • Includes 100 active clients

BEST VALUE: Get 2 months free when you join on an annual subscription!

Start your trial and enjoy 30 days free with 100 clients and all add-ons.


  • All member features
  • All future updates 
  • Unlimited support
  • Locked in yearly price
  •  Includes 100 active clients


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