How to Sell Your Signature Program by Chat

In this guide I'm going to reveal the quickest and easiest way to sell your signature coaching program…

…without a website.

…without a funnel.

…without ads.

…and without getting buried in tech. 

Picture This…

Your prospect reaches out via a post on social media. 

They send a direct message - “how much is your program?”.

Great. You respond - “Hi. My program is $1000. I can send you more info if you like? Or we can jump on a call?”. 

No reply.


The prospect wasn’t really asking the price…they were connecting…

And we seen a hopeful sale…not the prospects problem.

It wasn’t a useful conversation that served our business or the prospect. 

My point is, without a protocol to follow, our understanding of the chat process, and deciphering vague messages can be tricky; especially if our prospects are not easily forth-coming.

Introducing Sell by Chat

 A system guaranteed to get prospects booked onto your signature program.

As a result of following this guide, you’ll get a simple script to implement the system which easily qualifying leads to convert in minutes, within the justcoach chat feature.

The System

Before we get to the script, let’s set the scene and introduce the key steps that make this system successful… (if you skip this, you will fail).

There are four levels - Let’s take a look…

Level #1 - Engage

For example, post content somewhere public or send email via your list. This causes the prospect to show their interest. They reach out, engaging in a conversation or register on a free challenge/course within justcoach.

You can create free challenges easily in justcoach from scratch or use one of the done-for-you programs. Once you have a free challenge setup, it's simply a case of writing an awesome pitch to go with the URL when you post it to your audience.

Level #2 - Qualify

You don’t want to waste time trying to sell your program to people who don’t match.

Here, you ask, and they answer. 

The number and type of questions depends on your signature program.


Our first question…something that invites our prospect to open up. Using the answer, we can quickly choose the next question - moving the prospect onto the next step. 


This type of double barrelled question is generally the next step, based on the answers from the previous questions “do you…? Or …?”. Again, we use the answer to quickly choose the next question…


Here we are attempting to expose the prospects expectations, and figure out if we can deliver.

Example: For a weight loss client, we could ask “What is your current weight? Where would you like to be?”. If their “where” is unrealistic and they don’t appear to be willing, then we can’t deliver, as a result we’ve just disqualified our prospect.


Here, we find out what they need…the core problem or priority. The prospect might not see their problem as a priority - as a result, you’ll know whether or not they are a good fit.


If everything checks out, we ask one simple question “Do you want my help?”.

If so, on to the next step. 

If not, then make your excuses and get out of there. I have kids, so my go-to ‘out’ is whatever they are doing in that moment: example “Look, I gotta head off, I just got to the park to pick up my kids. Thanks”. Depending on what I’m doing, my kids are literally only ever a few feet away from me, which makes them a good relatable ‘out' for most things haha. But you can use anything, like “hey look my mocha-choca frappe-latte just arrived, I gotta shoot. Thanks”. That is, if you are waiting on that…

If ‘maybe’, then we simply explain a little more about how we can help - keeping it short.

Level #3 - Confirm

This is where we confirm the prospect and make the offer.

Once they’ve said “Let’s do it”, you offer the product or call and they confirm, ready to go. But they haven’t paid yet, so there is still an opportunity for them to nosedive…

Keeping the prospect on chat is essential. We don’t want to send them off to a web page or dump a heap of text in the flow, explaining the details…

So we Create a simple PDF word document. In that PDF we write up the persuasive details about our offer. Include your guarantee, risk assessment and explain all the benefits. Highlight the cost, and be as transparent as possible. This PDF is essentially our bare-bones copy for a sales landing page. 

Why send them a PDF?

We need to make this chat flow, if we send prospects to a landing page now, we are removing ourselves from the equation, extinguishing the relationship we’ve just built. 

The PDF word document keeps the level of conversation relaxed and focused. Our prospect will read every word of that PDF because they don’t feel ‘sold-to’.

Level #4 - Convert

They either book an appointment or pull out their wallet, ready to pay.

Here, we hold their hand and guide them through the process. We stick by them the whole way and celebrate their win, with them.

Then we make our excuses and end the conversation, smoothly. We don’t want to plant any seeds that might make our client request a refund or drop out - plus we want to maximise our time and chat to the next prospect.

How to NOT Fail

There is lots that can go wrong here.

Often the left brain takes over, asking linear questions in a robotic manner, which sinks the conversation, or you ask the wrong questions, or you speak sunshine and marshmallows becoming too familiar and over confident. 

Our prospect will quickly back off and pull out.

Think about the chat you have at the supermarket checkout, or in a bar. Avoid the types of chat you have with your mates around the BBQ, or that tone you get when chatting to the bank manager.

It’s about balance; you need to arouse in that prospect the eager to answer your question. While we acknowledge, and show empathy - that’s the key.

This takes practice.

The Flow (Script)

Learn this script, customising it to your niche and signature program. 


Here, we are going to break this level into two steps: a free offer, and a question. A great example is creating a 5-7 day free challenge within justcoach

Let’s say you have 30 people registered for your free “eat your greens habit challenge” via your public URL posted to your social feed or via email list. 

You’ve activated group chat, so you can be the expert and rally the troops.

At the end of the challenge we’re going to see if our offer/signature program will be a good fit for those people. 

We’d send a group message via justcoach, with our 9-word “call out” opener, saying:

“Who would like some help [to make nutrition easy]?”

(replace with your service/product).


When someone responds, you send them a private message in justcoach saying something like this: 

“Hey [Name], I just saw your comment about wanting help [to make nutrition easy]. Thanks so much for putting your hand up. I really love your engagement.”


Then instantly send the 2nd part:

“Is it okay if I ask you a couple of questions before I give you the details, just to make sure I can even help?” 

The prospect is going to say “sure” - then we can get started with qualifying.

Whatever it is you need to qualify them for your product/service/call is what you’re asking here. Using keyboard shortcuts and text replacement  will help you have your questions at hand.

Use short questions, and avoid long messages…

For example:

What kind of ‘diet’ are you eating?
[send - wait for response]

What results have you had so far?
[send - wait for response]

What result would you like in the next 60 days?
[send - wait for response]

Have you got 90 minutes a week to work on this stuff if I give you a system?
[send - wait for response] 

Pad the conversion out with short comforting chat or adjectives to keep the tone relaxed and casual. 

For example, my client might say they’ve tried a fad diet with no success. 

I might reply with: 

“That’s really helpful, lots of my clients did the same thing before.”


“Ok, here’s what I’m thinking…”


“Have you got 90 minutes a week to work on this stuff if I give you [my non-fad 6 week nutrition system]?”


Once you are happy that your prospect qualifies, then you can become a little more focused, moving to ‘confirming and converting’ your prospect.


If all checks out, you can drop them that PDF link that we covered earlier - the one with all of the details, including cost - into the chat.

Obviously we have this prepared and saved somewhere like DropBox so prospects can view and read it online.

Ask them to have a read and respond, and let you know if they’re in or out. You’re going to get this started ASAP, so you want to get the ball rolling. 

You’ll keep the chat open while they read. 

Say something like “I’ll just wait here on messenger while you read the details”. They will 100% respond, because they know you are waiting.

Remember, getting to this point has only taken us a few minutes of chatting, so if they bail, no worries, but if they are in, fantastic! 

For the sake of this guide, let’s assume the prospect tells you that they’re in.


Next, you send them the register/payment link and hold their hand through the signup process. 

The payment link can be as simple as a PayPal or Stripe link. If they are booking an appointment for a call, we do this by offering times from our calendar, there and then.

Make sure to have all the answers to any checkout or booking problems. 

For example, if they don’t have a PayPal account, make sure you know the process. If the payment isn’t going through, don’t make a big deal, just say something like “no problem. Give me 1 sec and I’ll send you my bank details” or “no worries - gimme a minute and I’ll send you a new PayPal invoice form my phone”. 

Have the protocols ready to overcome any objection or error.

And you’ve got yourself a conversion…

…without a website.

…without a funnel.

…without ads.

…and without getting buried in tech. 

You don’t need a discovery call or anything because you’re going straight for the conversion. 

All you need to get started is a steady flow of prospects…which, if you are running free challenges often, can be easy with justcoach.

You 100% want to use this little chat flow in some way to sell your signature program from inside of justcoach - this flow’s going to get results for you, I’m sure of it!

Big shout out to the original thought leader, Taki Moore, who created, tried and tested this system with thousands of successful clients.

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