The Bonfire Lead Magnet: 3 Steps That Will Ignite Your Prospects Fascination For Your Coaching Program

Do you want my secret to creating justcoach lead magnets that prospects can’t ignore? 

A tactic used by elite marketeers…influencers, and successful coaches…

Of course you do. 

To be honest, it’s a tactic that’s been around for years; just redefined.

So what is it?

The truth is, there are lots of different ways to create a magnet; the free thing that you give away in return for an email address…

The problem is, people like free stuff, regardless of what it is, which makes most people low quality leads.

This is best explained in a famous choice experiment reported in Dan Ariely’s bestseller Predictably Irrational book.

The Experiment Went Something Like This…

Participants had to decide between spending 26c on a luxury chocolate truffle or spend 1c on a lower-quality chocolate. 

The result was a 50/50 split of choice from participants.  

Next, the price was reduced by 1c. 

So the luxury chocolate became 25c and the lower-quality chocolate became 0c. 

This time, the vast majority of participants chose the lower-quality product, because it was now free, even though they had previously chosen to pay more for a better item. 

This simple test demonstrates the human appeal of zero cost.

So if we know people consume free stuff willingly and easily, then we can simply offer anything for free, in exchange for an email, right? 


Often we create lead magnets with the idea of giving them away for free, which is the wrong way of thinking. 

If we turn this around and create something we can charge money for, but then give it away for free…we know our audience will want it, and likely move through our conversion process.

Introducing The Bonfire Lead Magnet

A full-proof method to creating something prospects will consume and love you for. The Bonfire Lead Magnet works in the same way as building a bonfire…

  1. 1
    Collect ‘kindling’
  2. 2
    Build a 'Stack',
  3. 3
    Ignite the 'Flame'.

Step #1: Kindling

We start with kindling…literally…we head over the Kindle Marketplace to collect the research for our red hot bonfire magnet.

You see, the elite online creators build products around research for what people want…

To gain that knowledge we can head to the Kindle Marketplace and see what’s already working well - regardless of the type of magnet we’re creating.

Here’s an example.

Imagine we’re creating a meal plan challenge for runners, as our lead magnet program to lure prospects into our app.

If we jump onto the Amazon Kindle Marketplace and start by looking at the sidebar on the left-hand side. We’ll find all the book categories, and subcategories, allowing us to deep-dive our niche: running.

In the top 50 best-sellers we can see there are several books on nutrition for runners, that are quick and easy, and goal-orientated.

Fantastic, this tells us there is a ‘need’ for what we are planning.

Let’s choose one of these books…

I like the book of ‘Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.: Quick-Fix Recipes for Hangry Athletes’. A popular book, which means people are buying it and are looking for instant gratification: a no-nonsense, no-fuss nutrition guide to support their running program.

The next thing we look for is the customer reviews for this book.


We can learn how to make our lead magnet program both easy and goal-orientated from customer reviews.

Here’s a positive review:

We can see the customer liked the lack of “complicated recipes” and enjoyed [simpler ingredients], plus they loved the guilt free sweet treats.

In this next example below, we can see this customer commenting on the lack of photos…

In less than 1-minutes, we've learnt heaps…This completely changes how we might create, package, design, and even promote our free coaching program magnet:

  • Simple recipes
  • Simple ingredients
  • High-res photos
  • Quick sweet healthy treats

We might even focus on 'sweet treats for runners'…because we've learnt that runners are strict with their diet, but crave a treat every now and then…this could help get that niche onto our running program.

Step #2: Stack

Now that we’ve collected some “kindling” for our bonfire magnet, we can start building the ‘stack’.

The bonfire magnet has three ‘stacks’…principles that make it successful. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a 7 day challenge or sample recipes, like our example above. The core content in your bonfire magnet should only take around 5-minutes to read. 


Because it encourages people to consume the content the moment they access it. Otherwise your audience will add it to their ‘do later’ list…

We want immediate awareness of our valuable content, and in this case we want our audience to engage with our free program…keep the steps short. 


The best lead magnets are case-studies, checklists, how-to guides…things we can interact with or implement.

They are action-oriented, so people will actually get a result if they complete the tasks or fill-in the fields; even if it’s just a sense of accomplishment. 

We want the same with our program magnet.

For example: if we offer our ‘meal plan for runners’, we should include client input features from our content blocks, to check-in and get them interacting with the app. Ask questions like 'what did you like most about this recipe?', 'Upload a photo of your masterpiece…'. This will help them get a result - fast. 


A lead magnet program should always be a mini version of your offering.

It should be an easy baby step towards the bigger goal…your signature program.

If it’s not, then you’ll be collecting the wrong audience for your app, which will mean big losses in ad spend. 

For example: if we offer free Sweet treat recipes for runners, but we don’t offer a running program or further support the runners diet…we won't be able to up-sell that audience to our signature coaching program.

So it wants to be goal-focused, with easy steps to a quick win - preparing them for the master program.

Step #3: Flame

Once we have the ‘kindling’ and built the ‘stack’, all that’s left is to ignite the ‘flame’…by posting it to our social media audience.

You should keep fuelling the flame with engagement, to make sure it doesn't burn-out. If you get a question, answer it in the comments and invite more questions. Keep the bonfire burning for as long as possible!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment in our Facebook Group.

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