New Timer & The Atomic Body Program

Time is our most precious commodity. The clock will continue to tick no matter what we do. So why not use it?

It’s important to switch things up for your clients when they get bored or lack motivation. It’s all about balance. Jumping from reps to time-based workouts could keep things interesting.

For timed workouts, clients can set goals related to the reps per-time, which will constantly push the potential of the workout and help set benchmarks or challenges for clients.

Timers are also great with other types of fitness programming, such as yoga or meditation. Setting a 10-minute ‘switch-off’ from tech to clear the mind or timing your Ujjayi Pranayama yoga breathing.

Introducing Timer & The Atomic Body Program

To that end we are thrilled to introduce our latest micro-feature to justcoach, the humble ‘Timer’ content block. 

A small feature, with big possibilities, that allows you to create both countdown and stopwatch timers, anytime throughout your programming.

To get you started, we’ve created a done-for-you workout, focusing on the timer block countdown, and stopwatch.

'The Atomic Body Program' - Build all-round core strength with this bodyweight superset routine that crafts bionic abs, and athletic power in only 28-days.

The program includes:

  • 4 week workout plan
  • 14 professional bodyweight videos
  • 3 unique workouts
  • 1 killer challenge
  • Weekly check-ins with script
  • Detailed directions

With heaps of room to customise and make it your own, we encourage you to personalise the check-ins and tailor this program to your clients goals.

The timer block and The Atomic Body Program are now available in your justcoach dashboard.

Let us Know What You Think!

Do you offer timed workouts or programs?

Will you be using the timer feature? 

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