Mindful Growth: Introducing The Daily Journal Program

By Ry Galbraith

Product Specialist & Designer, Minimal Habit Coach

Picture this…it’s 1985. Imagine a tween girl lazily laying in a park, on a sunny, bright day. She’s holding a glittery purple pen and a pink-princess journal, scrawling about unicorns and heartbreak high – “dear diary…”.

That is the cliche people visualise when thinking of “journaling”.

But it’s not 1985. It’s 2021.

Journaling is now a form of self-discovery through expressive writing, that aims to understand the complexity of human psychology, and adds clarity to emotions.

In a University of Texas study called “How do I love thee? Let me count the words: the social effects of expressive writing” researchers found that participants who wrote about their deepest thoughts and relationships were more likely to engage in intimate discussions…strengthening their relationships through the simple act of writing.

Further research found in Science magazine, and by Emmons and McCullough also supports positive outcomes from letting go of emotional hang-ups. Using journaling as a method of ‘downloading’ highs and lows from participants minds, over a ten week period, showed that they were more happy about life.

Journalist, Michael Grothaus even writes that there are studies suggesting journaling can strengthen the immune system, reduce blood pressure, and aid in better sleep (Grothaus, 2015).

Journaling isn’t specific to happiness and health either. It helps in business and success too. Scientific positive psychology research shows a positive mindset results in:

31% higher productivity,
37% higher sales,
3x more creativity.

Writing accesses the left hemisphere of the brain, which is analytical and rational (Psychology Notes HQ). This free’s up your right brain to create, wonder, and ‘feel’. This sense of harmony allows us to boost brainpower and become more creative thinkers…better understanding the world around us, making a big difference in our well-being (Grothaus, 2015).

However, simply writing a “brain dump” of words on a page may feel great…it might even make you feel happier, but there’s little evidence that it will increase your well-being.

For journaling to have a positive impact on health, there needs to be prompts or guidance.

Introducing The Daily Journal Program, by justcoach

The Daily Journal Program provides your clients with hundreds of proven prompts and lesson topics over 14 days. Including daily notifications that guide them through choosing the right prompt for the most positive experience. No matter what prompt they choose they will find themselves able to easily express emotions through writing.

Your clients will discover…

A boost in ‘feel good’ mood,

Enhanced sense of well-being,

Reduce symptoms of worry before an important event (like a work meeting);

Discover improved working memory (Baikie and Wilhelm, 2005).

You’ll teach your clients that they don’t need to be an accomplished writer or a literary genius to get started. Each lesson breaks down barriers and coaches your client with sympathetic intent. 

That’s not all…

Each daily lesson is attached to a daily check-in, designed to keep your client on track and focused. Plus, a mid-challenge review, designed to tap into your clients thoughts and improved program adherence.

By the end of the 14-day challenge, your clients will be equipped with the mental strength, freedom and building-blocks to help make journaling an automatic habit; for more happiness, success and authentic self-growth.

If you’re a justcoach member you’ll find The Daily Journal Program in your ‘Discover Programs’ dashboard. Simply login, familiarise yourself with the content, then assign it to your first client or group.

As always, we hope you enjoy this new habit-focused program, and find it useful as part of your coaching toolkit.

Please do let us know your feedback via our private justcoach members only Facebook group.

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