A 60-Second ‘Hack’ To Upgrade Your Instagram Traffic

Today I’m going to teach you a quick 'hack' to upgrade your Instagram and attract potential new leads into your coaching program.

Because no matter how amazing your instagram account is, if your niche audience can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

And, Instagram is ripe with leads in your niche searching for help, but they aren’t searching hashtags…

(pssst…hashtags are dying…but I’ll cover that next time).

Why Use Instagram?

Instagram currently has 500 million daily active users! And a large proportion of those users are looking for health and fitness 'guidence'.

Which is why, if you don’t have all the pieces in place to point people at your coaching program from Instagram, you’ll miss out on hungry prospects.

Well, I’m here to tell you a quick hack…all it takes is 3 words and 2 easy steps to upgrade like a champ.

Search. Engine. Optimisation.

What? SEO on Instagram…

Kind of…but not for Google.

Unlike website SEO, Instagram only has one search ranking factor for users - It’s your Instagram profile name.

Instagram uses your profile name in the search feature, so friends and clients (and your mum) can find you easily. 

But people also use the search feature to specifically search for things they need.

This might not be new to you…

You might even have your profile name setup like 'Ryan Fitness Coach'…

That's cool…but you can do better.

Here’s The Trick

Add a niche keyword to your profile name.

For example, we could have the profile name 'Justcoach'. 

While that name is good for people who already follow us, it doesn’t help our account show up in search for those looking for a coaching app.

So we might add keywords 'Justcoach • Coaching App'…

Even better, 'Justcoach • Habit Coaching App'

Now when peaople search for 'habit coaching' or 'habit coaching app' within Instagram, we’d show up in the search results, unlike before.

This puts our profile infront of our niche audience.

How to Figure Out Your Keyword in 60-seconds

Step 01: Keyword


There’s a tool for everything…go to:


  1. 1
    Type in your niche.
  2. 2
    Find a keyword you like.

Step 02: Instagram

  1. 1
    Go to your Insta profile.
  2. 2
    Edit profile.
  3. 3
    Type the keyword after your name.

Now test!

Track your profile visits-to-follower conversion, if it increases then keep that keyword. If it doesn’t, repeat the above steps until you find a keyword that works for your niche.

Don’t Make This Mistake…

A common mistake: make sure you keep your real name or business name in your profile name, to avoid confusion. Otherwise your account appears 'spammy' and confusing. Just add your keyword after a dash (-), bullet (•) or pipe (|).

Will You Use This Hack?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment in our Facebook Group.

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