5 Types of People That Want Your Coaching Program, and How to Sell it to Them

What if I told you that…on average, for every 100 people on an email list, only 20 are reading, and only 4 are listening…with an average conversion rate of roughly 0.6 people!

Here’s the problem…

Your audience are all in different awareness groups, depending on how long they’ve been following you, and how much engagement you’ve shown.

This means your marketing should be different depending on which stage of awareness your prospects happen to be at.

You need a different approach for each awareness group to increase your average audience engagement, and conversions.

How many awareness groups are there?

Back in a far and distant past - before internet - was a guy named Eugene Schwartz; famous in the marketing and advertising world.

Schwartz created a content system that allowed him to write nine books, hundreds of successful ads, and become responsible for creating some of the most successful sales content of all time!

In the 60s, Schwartz wrote the book ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ (now considered to be the advertising bible). In it, he breaks down audience awareness into five distinct groups: 

  1. 1
    The Most Aware
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Completely Unaware

This concept is used by content marketing teams behind every successful brand, product and service you know.

Here’s the good news…

Understanding these groups can help you sell your coaching program, and get higher-quality clients inside your justcoach app.

Essentially, we want to be creating content that caters for each awareness group, and spread that content evenly across our marketing campaigns.

Introducing The Sozo Strategy

Learn our 5 strategies that compliment the 5 awareness groups, to hook new prospects. If you’re wondering, 'Sozo' is old greek for ‘salvation’ - let’s save your audience!

#1 The Most Aware

'Your prospect knows your product, and only needs to know "the offer."'

This group is where most people think their audience is at…

In fact, it makes up only 3% of your entire followers. These are long-term fans, who aren’t customers or clients, but people you can speak directly too.

These are people who interact with your posts, like and comment, but need a nudge. 

Often, coaches will only focus on directing their message to these people, which hurts their chances of reaching the rest of their audience.

To ensure you inspire prospects from this audience group, create product announcement posts for your signature coaching program.

Create sales funnels that speak directly to these people, showcasing benefits and specifics of your program. Clearly define your offer and present a 'no brainer' deal.

#2 Product-Aware

'Your prospect knows what you sell, but isn’t sure it’s right for them.'

These people are stuck at a point in your conversion process.

So throwing 'buy now' posts in their face is going to push them away; different to 'the most-aware'.

The key here is to craft independent content, void of 'sales', that demonstrates the benefits of your signature coaching program.

A series of killer blog posts, resource guide, or checklist that addresses prospects objections will do the trick. Educate this awareness group on your benefits, without pushing the sale. Include links to your sales pages but keep them subtle.

#3 Solution-Aware

'Your prospect knows the result they want…but not that your program provides it.'

Your marketing needs to hold no secrets…engaging this audiences attention with content marketing like case studies, industry statistics and customer reviews.

Another great method here is webinars. This gives you a simple way to teach valuable content to prospects and create a 'want' for your coaching program.

With webinars, you can address prospects objections, and excuses to help build trust and build authority in your coaching program niche.

#4 Problem-Aware

'Your prospect senses they have a problem, but doesn't know there's a solution.'

These people might see your post or ad, but are not convinced to opt-in, click-through or register as a client on your justcoach app.


They don’t trust you.

Just because your ad talks about their 'pain points', doesn’t mean they trust you. They might not even know who you are.

To win these people over, you’ll need to show your value up front.

I mentioned independent content previously, and these guys need it most. Showcase your authority and give back as much education as possible to pull this group into your coaching program funnel.

Free challenges or free email courses that promise a quick, easy win will help this group trust you more. Show empathy and understanding throughout your engagement with this group.

#5 Completely Unaware

'These people have no knowledge of anything except, perhaps, their own identity or opinion.'

This is generally cold, social media traffic.

These people aren’t looking for you or your program…they might not even be interested in your service…but they like to respond to the content you share.

They might click-through on your ad because you have a pretty image, but they aren’t interested in your message, or coaching program.

Do you remember that post you shared for fun, that got hundreds of likes but no subscribers? That was your 'completely unaware' audience, right there.

Avoid wasting time on this audience.

Don’t give in to the 'want' of low quality 'click-bait' content because the likes are high.

It’s better to create content that specifically speaks to your interested audience to attract quality prospects.

How to Get Started

This, like most things in content marketing is tricky to master.

Understanding ways to balance your content publishing schedule, to keep all awareness groups engaged is a learning curve, and takes time.

So here’s my secret…the 3 words scrolled across the front page of every note book I own…

'Salvation…Not Sales'

Start by focusing on independent value content, as often as you can, that avoids the big sell.

All the awareness groups respond to what your coaching program 'does', not 'is'.

Soon, you’ll start to get a feel for the awareness groups, and how they are engaging with your content.

Use this method to craft outstanding ads, social media posts, blog posts, and webpages, to sell your signature coaching program in justcoach.

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