4 New Improvements to justcoach – April 2020

Last month, we released 4 new features and improvements to your justcoach app (On top of our major Branding release ).

We are constantly improving justcoach behind the scenes to make it faster and better for you, and your clients.

Read on to discover what's new in justcoach and where you can find these new features in our web app.

1) Program Variable Start Date

We know you’re throwing a party in celebration for this one! 

You can now set a variable start date for your program. The start date is when the program begins for your clients. It's a fantastic addition for group training, free challenges and lead magnets. 

You could set a start date in the future…build the hype…get your audience onboard with a live count down…then launch the program automatically.

Saving a start date cannot be undone. So you’ll need to make a copy of the program to change the date, if needed.

2) Client Filter

When a client accepts your invitation in justcoach, it's a happy day. Things went well and your client is loving your coaching.

However, sometimes it doesn't go to plan. Some clients forget to accept, or get nervous and don't tap that link.

Introducing Client Filter, giving you the ability to filter accepted and unaccepted clients. 

Now, you can filter those who need chasing up or removed from your database with ease.

3) Module and Menu Drag-and-Drop

For those who have been with use from the start, this is huge!

Everyone is familiar with drag-and-drop technology, and it was something we had planned from the start.

Giving you the ability to change your mind and adjust your menu and modules in the correct order.

Next to your menu item, you will notice a grid like icon. Click and hold to drag the menu or module up or down; it's that easy.

4) Feature Roadmap

Are you contributing to the justcoach experience?

If not, you should be.

Using our new Roadmap web page, you can submit new ideas for features, programs, and help make your app even better.

You can find the Roadmap in the blue chat bubble. Scroll down the chat box to find the link and more information.

Once your idea has been submitted and approved, others can vote for it. Those ideas that get the most traction will become a reality. 

You'll be proud to know that your idea made it to production and that you directly helped others better their businesses and lives.

Let Us Know What You Think!

What do you think of the Roadmap? Think you'll use the new Program Variable Start Date?

We love hearing your feedback on our features and your suggestions for new improvements, so please drop a comment in our Facebook Group.

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